2visual4arts is a project focusing on performance art, traditional and cross-over, created by Agnes Btffn, Wolf Wolfsmoon.

The founders of 2visual4arts meet regularly on the net to plan live actions and invite colleagues to participate in new performance events, where only the theme is given and the rest is left to the creativity of the visual arts performancer. The live actions are performed by the participants in her/his own invirement and in the same time period like the performing group. Exceptions  of the time period is considered, if the content of the work is matching  strongly whith the given theme.

The work forms are mainly ephemeral visual actions, happenings, process and relational visual arts performances by the participating artists, documented with videos, photos and text documents and presented on this blog and in other adequate media venues.



Mobile Art Space

2visual4arts is also

a mobile art space,

art in a mobile spaces,

mobile art in  space,

virtual and physical


Remote-control Art Performances

R.A.P/ Remote-control Art Performance is a term the administrators of 2visual4arts, Agnes Btffn and Wolf Wolfsmoon use, for the first time Jan.2011, for  giving ”Homage” to each others work by presenting each others performance in an other country. Wolfsmoon was performing Btffn’s ÅÅÅ dive in the Universe in Oslo, Norway and Agnes made it possible for Wolf to present his  Made in noble China in Berlin.

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