“An existential tension passes through all of artwork by Agnès Btffn, who tries to unsettle what is complacent and celebrate vitality, and an awareness of our presence in the world. Btffn invites us to rediscover the path of becoming aware of our relationships to things, our relationship to each other and our relationships to the world. Through a new ritual, she invites us to discover the mystic nature of existence, to engage in mystical experimentation and seek, for ourselves, beyond the established, settled and disembodied dogmas.”

Sylvain Berland, art historian, coordinator, curator.

Document A

Installation at Tou Vindu -Tou Scene Stavanger

CODE is an interactive installation- inviting the public to commit.

With CODE, Agnes Btffn focuses on a visual working process which points out the open link between positive and negative/black and white and generates observations about how  likeness and unlikness set side by side on the same visual surface, can make a passage to a world of unexpected richness. The artist’s lastest strategy for the work is her using the silhouettes as a support for the QR code, which extends the reflexion utterly. The source of inspiration for this work are debates in the media about setting up borders for immigration from the south, a theme that BTffn has been working on the last 10 years.
Is there a relationship between the clickable QRcode and how it is to come as an immigrant in a new and foreign country ? To get to know the new country there are a set of new rules and codes one can choose to learn and navigate through in in order to get a better understanding of the unknown, which BTffn by continuously developing CODE and in order to get a better understanding of the theme has also done.
The installation BÅNSÅM, which later was given the name CODE, was first shown in the Stavanger railway station, as standing white painted plywood figures of friends and acquaintances of the artist. They were placed in a circle in which waiting passengers were invited  for tea.

In TOU VINDU the CODE’s silhuets are fixed on rails, in a black and white and movable line. They are linked to the bar and QR codes by they painted surfaces. The public is invited to TOU VINDU for dialogs and meetings whith the artist, to move the figures and change their places in relation to eachother, to click oneself through the QR code and see the development on the internet.

Sponsors: Stavanger municipality and the Visual artist’s Norwegian funding association


Winter solstice

 Between noon 21.12 and noon 22. 12 will I be doing the performance «Å Balance act -winter solstice 2011»

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performance art bay Abtffn


FEiL© produkter – (wrong) products

FEiL © products, an ongoing performance, a trademark under which certain products are created. FEiL stands for the abreviation of Flørli Energi i Lysefjord.

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M.i.N.C. part 2

Two performances around the theme “Made in NOBLE China” by Wolf Wolfsmoon at the Chinese New Year’s day:

Abtffn, in Stavanger’s shopping streets.
Liz Sardari video

Agnes Btffn’s and Liz Sardari Kermani’s double performance in the street Kirkegata of Stavanger and the shopping streets around.
Linn Heidi Knutsen  photo
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Other performances about the theme at :

Flørli in the Lysefjord

and at:

Kinokino Sandnes – SERIAL GLOBE – Cartoon exhibition

Abtffn performance
Wolf Wolfsmoon concept
Niels Noer photo

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ÅÅÅ – M.i.N.C. – R.A.P.

Performance and photos by Agnes Btffn in Berlin on Wolf Wolfsmoon’s theme Made in NOBLE China

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RECTOVERSO performance on monday 27. -performance in Tou park, Stavanger by Agnes Btffn

video Chris Wright

about the performance:

I love this picture and took care og it.  Maybe somebody has seen it ? I is aDanish magazine -I don’t remember which magazine though. If you recognize it and know the photographer who took it, please tell me.

one side

The pictures on the page:

On one side of the page: The strong look on a woman’s face, carrying a bottle with clear drinking water on her head, as I also do in my performances “ÅÅÅ, a dive in the Universe – balance act” and the colors in the picture inspired me to keep it and pin it up on my wall.

On the other side of the page: A chocolate publicity, a smiling feminine profile, a woman enjoying the sea air, discreetly dressed, black and white picture and the picture of a gold chocolate.

The texts on the page:

one side: “Congo one of the world’s absolutely poorest country. Each day about 1200 persons die of poverty, hunger and violence.”

other side: “Treat yourself with pure quality. One exclusive chocolate, produced from processed extra finely and specially chosen cacao beans.
With exclusive, natural ingredients and real Bourbon vanilla is Feodora created for those conscious of quality, those in demand of an exquisite tasting experience.

……………………………………………………………………………. “Tempting, seducing, FEODORA“

As I look more deeply at both sides of the page and study them carefully, the idea for the performance project unfoldes.

As my observations will develop, I shall write them down here on this blogpage.

Some of my observations by now:

Each side of the page carries a message of worlds far apart of opposite worlds or are they really? Though I cannot see both sides of the page at the same time, they are connected to each other by the paper they share.

The persons in the picture are on one side of the world of extreme consuming, and on the other side from the world of extreme poverty. In spite of the efforts done from persons in both world to reach each other, those worlds seem to be turning there back to each other, just like the two sides of the page. Though some think they succeed to make these two worlds communicate, it seems that stronger powers succeed in keeping them apart…

It is said that Bottles could be sent at sea in an act of distress with a last hope to reach the unreachable.

I send this bottle on the sea with the same hope:

– In the bottle, the page of the magazine, a piece of chocolate, some clear drinking water and a message addressed to the person which against all odds, might pic  the bottle up from the water.

The message in the bottle says:

As you have picked up this bottle from the sea, you become a participant in the artwork Bottlemail/balance RECTOVERSO by the artist Agnes Btffn, a 2visual4arts performance project.

If you have come so far then you are holding this page and message in your hands.

As the author of this art project I ask you kindly to do the following:

  1. Take a picture of yourself with the bottle and the landscape you are in.
  2. Please study carefully both sides of the page taken out of the bottle
  3. Write down your observations
  4. Send both the picture of yourself with the bottle and the landscape and your notes to tst@abtffn.com
  5. Put the page and the message back in the bottle and lock it titly
  6. send the bottle back to the sea.

Maybe somebody will, like you, pick it up and follow the instructions in the message.

To follow the bottle’s travel and meetings please visite the website: https://2visual4arts.wordpress.com/

Other side

Thank you for participating Agnes Btffn

Summer solstice

Performance Abtffn  “Balance act with guests” Flørli in the Lysefjord

June 20-21

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