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Domix Garrido MUDANCA, photo: Celia Nadal


I use my sensory experience as an experimentation field in metaphysical environments and atmospheres. Natural and daily elements combined with my own body as artistic support and expressive means of action. For this reason, my interest is focused in the action, in the performance art as philosopher’s stone, means of elemental, ancestral, ritual and alive communication.

I look for the maximum expression with the minimum resources, the simplification of installation and materials. It is a real challenge, my way of expressing contemporary art: an ecologic, economic and experimental way.

The adaptability of my language to the spaces where I develop the actions is, in every work, an exciting puzzle that I solve by means of intuition and experience. The energy of space and audience has influence and it is able to take a turn at the last moment for the benefit of the process, the concept and the esthetic result.

The participation of audience is fundamental for the development of live art. I do not conceive other way of fathoming and investigating the world if I do not share my experiences and interests with my fellows.

I want to perform works in process, I´m not interested in a work whose aim is exclusively the final piece, the esthetic result or the material characteristics. My work is intangible, spiritual, social and humanistic.

Domix Garrido


Photo: Javier Manzarena

BIO Resume
Domix Garrido has made over than 40 performances in different art spaces and festivals
in Spain: Murcia, Lorca, Cartagena, San Javier, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Vigo,
Zaragoza, Sevilla and Sabadell. In adition also in: Tánger (Maroc), Marseille (France),
Lisbon (Portugal). He also teaches workshops on performance
– Degree on Performing Arts and Specialist on Museology and Contemporary Art.
– Director and Curator of: http://www.abiertodeaccion.com
Abierto de Acción Contemporary Exhibition Performance Art . Seven international
editions developed in festivals and art centers from several cities in Spain
Domix Garrido has taken workshop with: -Marina Abramovic – Esther Ferrer – Franko B –
Jacques V. Poppel, Carolee Scheneemann – Orlan – Martha Rosler – Yan Duyvendak
Ron Athey – Nieves Correa – Joan Casellas – Nelo Vilar – Zhuo Bin – Bartolomé Ferrando –
Los Torreznos – Nezaket Ekici – Adrian Heatfield – Vicente Fuentes – Jean-Guy Lecat –
Minako Seki – Michael Fried – Phillip Yenawine – Eulália Valldose

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