A gatherer. A gleaner. Everyday I start my day trying someone else’s shoes. Changing my point of view as if another eyes. I like to listen to people’s different voices in my mind and my face wears different grins. As Whitman knew, I am such a multitude, a crowd building the self I actually am. My multiple identity shares with the Void the space I occupy. Then I am an artist. New shoes everyday, new sights, new voices and grins. All belonging to the others, all mine.

A gatherer. A gleaner.

Elizabeth Ross

The title of 2visual4arts performance series is given by Elizabeth Ross and is :


Elizabeth Ross attempts to retain the spontaneity of invention within a frame of reference which remains true to the meaning and intent of tradition and ritual. Her art is neither pastiche nor ironic comment, for her artworks and actions express the spirit of the tradition while at the same time allowing Ross to comment on current cultural, political and ecological issues ..

A section of ” The work of Elizabeth Ross”

by Iwan Bala

Planet, the Welsh International / #170

M.i.N.C. part 2

Elizabeth Ross (Mexico) in Bagnols sur Cèze, France

performance & editing Elizabeth Ross, camera Valérie Vie, sound Luca Churet



” Pour la terre” by Elizabeth Ross from Mexico, in Le Sauvan, France

An action for the Land

Bottlemail goes by sea. It has used the waves flux to carry messages to the unknown. I am inland. A sea of hills surrounds me. An old land that’s new for me. Therefore I will send a message in a bottle to tell this land l am here.


A self trained artist in as many disciplines as she can put her hands/intellect/body/technology on, she works from her need to produce/induce change, as a utopian guerrilla.  One of her main interests lays on the multiple layers of identity, her own and the others’. She comes from clay and feels comfortable working with digital means as well as land art, performing ritual axions as well teaching, lecturing and holding a diversity of workshops.

She founds and directs 5célula, an organization that links art and communities. Also founds I d e n t i d a d e s, an international residency/encounter aimed on relate art, street, environment, memory, community and politics together.

She was born in Mexico City, has a Spanish nationality  and besides being a nomad artist, she is creating a new art space in France: LE SAUVAN.

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