Artists Statement

Video Artist from the UK. Studied Fine Art at Birmingham City University and The University of Reading.
Artwork primarily deals with Performance Video and Post-Feminist concepts.



Elizabeth Sardari-Kermani’s contribution to the Outsider Project was filmed on the 24th of May during the exhibition of the Spanish Armed Forces in Malaga, Spain.

The interpretation of outsider can be read as the juxtaposition between a topless woman on a beach and the Armed Forces. The performer looks towards the Armed Forces as if stranded on a island. Should she call for help? Where exactly is she? My imagination placed me in Iran for a bit.

The final video has semblance with the film L’aventura by Michelangelo Antonioni. Maybe the performer is the character Anna, who disappeared without a trace?

M.i.N.C. part 2

Wolf Wolfsmoon`s performance concept “Made in Noble China” made me think of peace, human rights, travel and imprisonment (Lui Xiaobo was unable to collect the Nobel Peace Prize).

The brief requested that we use a suitcase or something similar, I decided to use a mountaineering bag, similar to a soldiers back pack.
The use of a patch (stating made in Noble China) represents travel as well as belonging, either to a set of ideas, a group, country or even a regiment.

The simple act of taking off a bag and stepping inside it, is out of the ordinary and a spectacle, but it also explores ideas of travel and freedom; the performer becomes the luggage. However, as luggage the performer can no longer travel on her own, she is no longer in control, if she was to move (as luggage) a viewer would have to intercept.

For more pictures and the film clic on the picture !
MiNC Stavanger Chinese newyear, Liz Sardari performance, photo L. H. Knutsen


” Time”  by Elizabeth Sardari-Kermani.

Elizabeth performed her interpretation of ‘Bottlemail’ on Saturday the 25th by Sandnes (Norway) Waterfront at 17:30.

mobil video by Abtffn
foto: Chris Kenneth

The bottles were used to symbolise the passing of time as well as encouraging the viewer to become aware of present time. The aim is for the performer to stand out against the bottles/time as well as hide behind them. One message (mail) the performance could give is to ‘not look through people’.

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