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Performance art is for me a way to have a more realistictouch to everyday life and actions that are outside the structures of conventional
life. One line of research of my projects has been the violence as a generator of
encounters and focus areas. I believe the practice of art has the ability to deconstruct
situations hegemonic realities in different ways, I think that art in itself,
aware and responsible, is a tool for social and cultural action on the current

Action “Laments” Mexico 2012

Action One Minute is Not Enough, 2012, Dominican Republic 2012

Action “Beyond the Protocol, Global Warming” Venezuela 2012

Action “Beyond the Protocol, Global Warming” Venezuela 2012, Venezuela 2012

CV Synthesis:
Visual Artist and Performer. Workshops with Artists: Elvira
Santamaria, Miguel Rubio Zapata and Bartolomé Ferrando. Participation in
International Performance Festivals in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela,
Colombia, Peru, Chile and Dominican Republic.

Fausto Gracia, born on 16.12.1984 in the city of Querétaro,
Querétaro. Mexico, Study of Visual Arts at the University Autonomy of Queretaro-
Mexico 2003-2007, lived in the city of Montreal Canada 2008-2010. Now I live and
work in the city of Queretaro-Mexico, and I could participate in different
international Festivals of Performance.


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