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Nuit Blanche Event in Paris, France 2012. Picture Zeljika Jovic


Since 2001, my ideas have taken shape through performing acts. They build themselves as open-ended scenarios so my performance’s narration can touch upon different methods of doing and acting: improvisation, dance, etc. When learning about a new artistic genre, I am interested in exploring how the expressiveness and body movements are conditioned. My narrative performances are formed of mental imageries that are simultaneously divided in predetermined, undetermined and conditioned acts. This method of doing allows me to exist in superimposed realities – schematized and unknown – through improvised creation. What motivates me the most in my artistic endeavor is to build a performance in dialogue with love. In other words, I am trying to edify an artistic genre of a yet to be lived that imagines a representation of love in my current life. My artistic acts are similar to sophisticated and unconventional love letters presenting fragmented ploys to underline the object of desire’s absolute quality.

Francis O’Shaughnessy (Québec, Canada)





Art Nomade, International Meeting of Performance Art in Chicoutimi 2009, Canada.

Francis O’Shaughnessy

Quebec artist in Fine Arts, with frequent presentations in performance art, installation and videography in Canada and abroad. He graduated from Laval University in Quebec city (2003) and has a Masters degree in Art from the Quebec University in Chicoutimi (2007). Since 2002, he has give more than 100 different performances in 20 countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Since 2007, he created the Art Nomade, International Meeting of Performance Art at Saguenay and he is collaborating with different curators on other art projects. Actually, he is doing is PHD in Performance Art at the University of Quebec in Montréal. He lives and works in Montréal (Canada).


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