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“Mobile Chaise”

Theme of my work called “A Mobile Chaise” deals with multi-purpose, various-usage communications of everyday mass-public, by means of a chair with a man-presumably an artist, no matter what the location is.

Since human ancestors got erected with two feet, they replace the missing convenience by four legs to chairs. In the mean time, my chair acts as a portable sleeping bed, although a temporary role.

Above a practical usage, chairs connote possibilities of various interpretations. For instances, a chair painted by Vincent van Gogh is illustrated as a private life site, and a chair suggested by Andy Warhol can be interpreted as a ‘power.’

However, the importance of chairs has been often neglected in the modern society which demands a compact space and effective mobility.

Therefore, I’d like to evoke the importance of proper interpretation of the chairs, sitting and browsing show windows in the bustle and hustle of downtown, waiting work sign at the pedestrian crossing and riding crowded subways or commute buses, by demonstrating a theme “A chair belongs in the body.”

  1. 1.   Selective Biography
LEE Myung-hwan
mobile: 010-4343-4355
e-mail: artplastique@yahoo.co.kr
2012 “Mobile Chair-Homage to Kassel dOCUMENT 13,” Performance: Sejong-ro, Seoul Plaza and Cheonggyecheon Square, Seoul
2012 “Opening Ceremony at Yeosu EXPO-Korea, China and Japan Art Exhibition,” Performance: Yeosu, South Korea
2012 “ECO-Project: Life remembrances,” Performance: Haeundae, South Korea
2012 “Mobile Bed & Aquarium,” Performance: Jeonbuk Metropolitan Museum of Art, South Korea
2011 “Mobile aquarium,” Installation and Performance: Space 15, Seoul
2010 “Exploring Marine versus Secondary Audition-Cutting Croquis,” Happening: SBS, Seoul
2008 “Seeks, the art museum: ‘Louis vuitton’ Mobile Museum Project,” Performance: KAIST, South Korea
2008 “Dokdo 512,” Performance: Dokdo Gravel for Dokdo Erosion Protection, Drag and Drop Project
2006 “Moral Coat,” Performance: Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea
2006 “Nam June Paik-49th Day People’s Memorial Performance,” National Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea
2006 “Homage to Nam June PAIK,” Performance: National Museum of Contemporary Art, South Korea
2005 “Live Media-Body Light,” Performance, Seoul
2004 “Mobile Park Performance Eco-Agriculture/Organic Food Expo Korea, 2005 & World Peace Parade,” Uljin, South Korea
2003 “Mobile Museum-the 2nd World Ceramic Biennale 2005 Korea,” Performance: South Korea
2003 Participating “Seoul Art Fair,” Seoul Art Center, South Korea
2002 “Journey of the World Cup in 2002-the Rabbits of the Moon,” Performance and Installation for the World Cup-FIFA 2002, Supported by the Embassy of France in Korea
2012 “Artists Wanted Expo for Art Takes,” Time Square, New York
2012 “Creative Genius 100 Contemporary Artists,” Performance: Art World, Stockholom, Sweden
2012 “Across the Border-Human Hedgehog,” Performance: Jeonbuk Eavesdropping Museum of Art, South Korea
2012 “Light,” Jeju Arts Center invites borom Ole Water Ole Concept of Jeju, South Korea
2012 “Bunker,” Civilian Control Installation-Art International Civilian Control house, Seokjang-ri Sculpture Park, South Korea
2012 “Life remembrances Mobile Park-ECO Project”, Performance: Gallery Montmartre, Busan, South Korea
2012 “Two Direction-Baloon,” Performance: In Korea, China and Japan Art Exhibition Yeosu EXPO-Opening Exhibition at Chonnam
National University Center for the Arts, South Korea
2012 “Two Directions,” Performance: At Yeosu International Art Festival, Jeonnam, South Korea
2012 “Let’s Play-Human Icon-Coat,” Space Radio M. Seoul
2012 “Geumgang Nature Art Biennale,” Performance: Gongju, South Korea
2011 “Good Morning 2011,” Performance: Gallery La Mer, Seoul
2011 “Mobile Aquarium Installation-International Imagine University Founding Commemoration (2),” Performance: Gallery Kunstdoc, Seoul
2010 “AtoTech Biennial,” selected by Andrea Pagnez (Venice Biennale curator), United Kingdom
2010 “12x 12,” TAC Art Center, Illinois, U.S.A.
2009 “Entrez sans frapper,” International Art Festival Toulouse, Batiment4, France
2009 “The Beauty of Korea-Silence in Motion,” Antonio Machado
Cultural Center, Spain
2009 Performance at Imlip Museum-Private Museum Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Korea Museum Art Festival Invitational Exhibition, South Korea
2009 “International Exhibition: Art records,” APW Gallery, Long Island City, New York, U.S.A.
2009 “6x6x2009,” International Invitational Exhibition, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York, U.S.A.
2009 “Art vs. Design,” New Museum at Vote Ago, New York, U.S.A.
2009 “DMZ Installation Festival,” the 10th Anniversary of Seokjang-ri Museum of Art, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
2009 “Concept of Architecture-Modernist works of Architecture 50 Korean Architect Exhibition,” Installation: Seoul Art Center, South Korea
2009 “The Beauty of Korea-Silence in Motion,” Antonio Machado
Cultural Center, Spain
2008 “Berlin International Drawing,” Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien, Germany
2008 “Bang-Bang, Secrets of Discovered Picture,” National Museum of Modern Arts, Seoul
2008 “NEO-PAX,” Yi Hyung Art Center Gallery, Seoul
2008 “MEs MOts,” Centre Culturel Huy, Belgium
2007 “Nam june PAIK’S Video Rhapsody,” Opening Installation and Performance: KBS TV, Seoul
2006 “Satellite,” 50 Moganshan Rd, Shanghai, China
2006 “Embassy of Venezia-Homage to Nam June PAIK,” Mail art:
2006 “The 2006 Chelsea International Fine Art,” New York, U.S.A.
2005 “Shangahai Suzhou Art Festival,” Color Loft Art Space
2005 “Art Flag,” Chosun Minhwa Art Museum, Yeongwol, South Korea
2005 “Air Sac house-Special Exhibition for the Children’s Day,”
Dukwon Gallery, Seoul
2005 “Connection-both eyes of Nude Exhibition,” Lee Hyung Art Center, Seoul
2005 “CAF-Korea Art Festival,” Sejong Art Center, Seoul
2004 “DMZ Art Festival,” Seokjang-ri Art Museum, South Korea
2004 “4th Seoul International Crossover Improvisation Dance Festival,” Performance at the Korea culture & Arts foundation Center, Seoul
2004 “Small Art-Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Joseph Cornell,” Modesto Art Museum, California
2004 “Biennal International Mini Art,” Canada
2004 “Art Flag at 1st Gongju International Art Festival,” Iimlip museum, South Korea
2004 “Riverpool Biennal-Invited Artist,” United Kingdom
2003 “DMZ Art Installation,” Seokjang-ri Art Museum, South
2003 “International Collage Art Festival,” Sergine National
Museum, France
2003 “World Peace Parade & Festival,” Performance: Moblie Peace Gallery, Yanggu, South Korea
2003 “Feminist Artist,” Seoul Art Center, Seoul
2003 “Seoul New Media Art Festival,” Iljou Art Center, Seoul
2000 “Energy-Coffin in Machine, an Exhibition for the Jumieges’s National Monument: Painting, Sculpture and Installation,” Supported by A.C. Flux and DRAC of Normandy, Jumieges National Museum in Upper Normandy, France
1999 “The Great Maritime Feast-Between Two Seine Le Havre, 99 and Armada of the Century of Rouen,” Special Babylon of the Door of Le Havre, France

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