Title: FLOOD
For months, the phenomenon of the “girl” caused heavy rains across the country. Rivers were overflowing and razed houses and crops. Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes and seek refuge on dry sites or migrate as displaced people to wander through the city.  This performance is a position of acceptance of water as a natural energy from the sky, for a land unbalanced by the hand of man, particularly by the deforestation of mountains and jungle. The basins of the rivers were invaded by cement and water contaminated with poisons and plastics. Now, the rivers claim its natural course.


Durante meses, el fenómeno de la “Niña” ocasionó lluvias torrenciales en todo el país. Los ríos se desbordaron y arrasaron casas y cultivos. Miles  de personas tuvieron que dejar sus hogares  y buscar refugio en sitios secos o emigrar como desplazados a deambular por las ciudades.
Este performance es una posición de aceptación de las aguas como energía natural del cielo, para una tierra desequilibrada por la mano del hombre, particularmente por la deforestación de las montañas y la selva. Las cuencas de los ríos fueron invadidas por cemento  y sus aguas contaminadas con venenos y plásticos. Ahora,  los ríos  reclaman su cauce natural.

DIOSCÓRIDES Born in Pereira-Colombia, in 1950. He studied theatre and plastic arts in the Faculty of Arts of the National University of Colombia, where he qualified as a Master  in Painting.  Currently, he is a Professor of drawing and engraving at the same University from 1978 to today.
Postgraduate studies in engraving-with scholarship of the OAS – in the CREAGRAF of the University of Costa Rica. Between 1984-87 he studied Eastern engraving at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Taichi and Chigong at the school of the Dragon of the Forbidden City in Beijing.
He is currently a Titular Professor and gives the subjects of Body and Space, Performance, Land Art, Taichi and Chigong.  His works of drawing and engraving have been shown in hundreds of collective and individual exhibitions in salons, galleries and museums of the country and abroad. His Fantastic imagery has received several awards, honorable mentions and awards, including the First Prize in the Latin American Engraving Biennial of Costa Rica, and two times the First Prize in Drawing of the K.C.C Contest-Art Gallery of New York.
For some years now is dedicated to the work of performance and Land art, and to pursue the traces of indigenous cultures, especially the shamanism and rock art.  He has done several performances at the Museum of the National University, among them: “The Anatomy Lesson”, “Instructions to draw a mermaid”, “Self-portrait walking a white rat”, and “The burial of the melancholy”. He organized three Encounters of Performance at the National University: “Thirteen Circular Actions “,  “Re-existence”; and the “Encounter Zero of Land Art and of Performance” in the desert of The Fossil in Villa Leiva-Colombia.  With arts and opera students formed the collective Dédalos, winner of the award of the week of the Performance in Bogotá, organized in the Waiting Room Gallery, with the performance “Exercises to retrace”, a critique on the disappearance and displacement by violence in Colombia.

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