Adam Gruba – deals with the wider art of intermedia their activities using the elements of performance, video, object, text. Uses a combination of performance as a way of everything with everything based on constantly created – new versions of philosophy – aligning it according to their own rules to the representation of areas between the image and understanding. It uses an image reduction of aesthetics at the expense of its intellectual dimension, which is for him the greatest importance in showing the work in the process. His works show a thin line between art and life, creation and reality. Breaking the convention is trying to use it against each other, making sure that it is possible. Perform its concepts and ideas, performance and video, among others in Poland, Germany, Israel, Spain, Australia and Hungary. Intermedia is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.


Phenomenology or Illusion?

Title: Levitation Descricption.

Finding mental and physical point of levitation. Using a part of nature, my body and two opposite colors, i want to tear of reality to float above ground, above people and above myslef. (my note) Description of the action/Performance: „Using a part of nature” – its mean i need a big pale length 3m or more „two opposite colors” – i wear in black costume, i have ballon with white substance in my mouth In this way, I will hang above the earth crammed on a stake placed at a right angle, performing levitation is a convolution between the world of truth and illusion, philosophy and art, moving images and static.

Adam Gruba (siemanara)

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