As a dreamvisualizer
my main working tool is
Lucid Dreaming
and my life is an endless performance of
Infant Terrible Baroque.
 Document A
 A new part of the performance series “No-Euro-Bank” and the start of a series called ” Desensitisation” is Wolfsmoon`s contribution to the “DocumentA” project. The continuing of the “No-Euro-Bank ” performance series is called “Inter”, an interview/performance, performed in Norway, Germany and in Portugal, were Wolfsmoon, in the role as “Bank director” Wolf-ram, is interviewing people about their concern for the economical future.
dOCUMENTA 13 “No-Euro-Bank/inter” performance at dOCUMENTA (13),13.Aug. 2012





“Desensitisation” performance at dOCUMENTA(13)




No-Euro-Bank inter performance  Oslo, sep. 12.2012




“Desensitisation files”


IRIS-desensitisation performance 2012 for Document A


Lupinus whip desensitisation performance

Desensitisation/hanging performance

Poppy desensitisation performance


Allergen immunotherapy (also termed hyposensitization therapy, immunologic desensitisation, hyposensibiliation, or allergen-specific immunotherapy) is a form of immunotherapy for allergic disorders in which the patient is vaccinated with increasingly larger doses of an allergen (substances to which they are allergic) with the aim of inducing immunologic tolerance.

Systematic desensitization is a type of behavioral therapy used in the field of psychology to help effectively overcome phobias and other anxiety disorders.

OUTSIDER project 2011

” outsider NO-EURO-BANK “

Wolf-Ram.de in front of European Central Bank                                                For slideshow click the picture.

As Wolf Ram, bank director of the No-Euro-Bank, Wolf Wolfsmoon was supporting the troubled currency Euro by making a performance called “North_NO_South”.
Time : 3 pm. 28.th of May 2011.
In front of the Euro sign at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Wolfsmoon was signing  Euro bills over with the NO-EURO-BANK logo and with the director name Wolf Ram.

The second part of OUTSIDER performance series was called

outsider NO-EURO-BANK meets insider TIMEbank

Wolfsmoon  was writing with hairspray the logo
in front of Portikus at the entrance to the  Time/Bank show.

The Timebank performance was a kind of Joint venture project . A week before the event Wolfsmoon signed up as a member of e-flux/timebank  with the Listing:


The 3 pillows “North” “No” and “South”, used in the  first performance ,were given in the custody of the Time/bank staff to put them into the Time/bank  sales collection later on, if they would be approved by Amerika.


“OUTSIDER unwrapped”

“OUTSIDER unwrapped ” is  a multi media performance by Wolf Wolfsmoon. The video /sketch of different visual arts performances by the artist was screened in the Black Nordic Theatre in Oslo the 1st of June 2011, while Wolfsmoon was live performing with friends, Halugano and Aase . A part of “OUTSIDER” performance series of 2visual4arts.no and “Unwrap” of actspractices.com


“Insider looking out”

A cross-over performance project .

Psychologist Margarida Schaefer interviews Klaus Ruppenthal.

Insider looking out from wolf wolfsmoon on Vimeo.

“Made in NOBLE China”

Wolfsmoon performed the prototype  “M.i.N.C.”   “Made in Noble China ”  in front of the Nobel Peace Center, while the Nobel Peace Prize Award was celebrated for Liu Xiaobo in Oslo City Hall, Norway, Dec. 10. 201o


” Made in NOBLE China” part 2

Performance at the Chinese New Year,  february 3rd 2011,

OSLywood, Norway
clic on the picture for more pics

ÅÅÅ – M.i.N.C. / R.A.P.

 ÅÅÅ – Oslo R.A.P. WW

Performance and photo Wolf Wolfsmoon and Andrea Piranhas on Agnes Btffn’s performance project ÅÅÅ dive in the Universe.

ÅÅÅ dive in the Universe at THE ROYAL PALACE’s PARK – R.A.P.
ÅÅÅ dive in the Universe by the NATIONAL THEATER  – R.A.P.


Bottlemail performance series.
D. Luis, a bridge in Porto, where the people are throwing their ” Saudades ” in bottles into the Douro river,  is one of the backgrounds for this art performance.
The Bottlemailman of Porto is fishing the bottles out of the Douro, where the river stream is meeting the dancing waves of the Atlantic.
At daytime, the Bottlemailman Lobo Lua is collecting the bottles with the letters to handle the mail  and at nighttime, he is bringing the empty bottles back to Ponte D.Luis.

BOTTLEmailMAN infront of office

Summer Solstice

“Colors of the Summer Solstice” by Wolf Wolfsmoon
Location: Ytre Enebakk towards Elvestad, Info-rest stop at Mjaervann after road sign Östfold fylke.

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