The participants:

Adam Gruba

Agnes Btffn

Alejandro Jamarillo Hoyos

Diocorides Perez

Elizabeth Ross

Elizabeth Sardari kermani

Gisela Weimann

Jesús Vilchez

Luis Manuel Urrutia

Marcus Vinicius

Michelle Isava

Miguel Angel Melgares

Nadia Salom

Pamela Gómez Sánchez Bustillo

Paulo Henrique

Wagner Rossi Campos

Wolf Wolfsmoon

Yorlady Ruiz López

                                                                     …………………………….           The project /invitation

The subject OUTSIDER is given by Elizabeth Ross .

Mai 26 – June 26. 2011………………………………………………………………….

2visual4arts invites colleagues to participate in a new performance series for the art factory festival Tou Camp in Stavanger,  Norway with the title
“Outsider.We all have been away from home.
Home. Shelter of our daily life.
It’s our own intimate space. It holds the familial warmth, the cultural identity and the traditions that let people flow with certainty through a well known path that leads to an expected final end.
Home. Some carry it on themselves. Some others well may be in a search for it. They are home-less. Outsiders…
I invite you to contribute with your own interpretation of what it means to be an Outsider in a free format and with no indications. Feel free to be an outsider in time and space.
You have to know l’m committed to Outsider –which is a major art project- since l left my so called home in México and burned my ships in 2009 to challenge my capacity for wander and wonder. Your contributions will be part of it, as a diverse multiplication of visions.
Your axions (from axis and action!) will be posted  in a special section of my website and with your permission, used in the final show of the project, whenever it is finished (when l find a Home, maybe ?)“  Elizabeth Ross


present day until June 26, online at 2visual4arts(at)abtffn

How to participate ?

If the subject inspires you to participate with a performance, new or old, send us the documentation online at 2visual4arts@abtffn.com (videos (approx.1-10 min.) or text (DOC) or image files (two JPEGs or PDFs up to 2MB each))  and it will be screened during Base Camp,  on the 2visual4arts blog and on Elizabeth Ross website. “Base Camp” is the visual arts part of the one month long art factory festival Tou Camp in Stavanger, Norway. The screening will appear at the festival May 26 to June 26  as the documentations are sent to us, all along that periode.

For more information about the project please write us a comment here on the blog.

Elizabeth Ross has participated in 2visua4arts performances and was  staying at the TOAH residency in Stavanger in 2009 , (Elisabeth Ross (MEXICO) 24- 31st of March: There is a multi-media approach in Elisabeth work, there is overall an expressed desire towards simplicity and directness. The focus of Ross’s art, straddling as it does, the contemporary world with a consciousness of previous parallel and historical cultures is a testament to continuity in a fractured world, and is a direct challenge to the pervasive monoculture of globalization. By simplicity, she means simplicity of form and execution, but also simplicity of expression which belies the density of cultural reference. She also decided to avoid being classed as a ceramicist, with all the technical specialisation which this implies, paring down unnecessary technical acomplishment in order to communicate directly. Creating an inclusive, rather than exclusive gallery-culture art, she lets an audience into her world on several levels. Ross attempts to retain the spontainety of invention within a frame of reference which remains true in the meaning and intent of tradition and ritual. Read more about her work on http://www.elizabethrossmx.com).

                                                                     …………………………….           The Venue

The OUTSIDER performance project was shown as a DVD compilation, updated each day as the projects came into the blog 2visual4arts.no. The DVD was projected directly on the wall i a dark room where the public could sit and watch.

TOU CAMP was  a cultural stunt in Stavanger organized by the art factory Tou Scene and PHOTOS

Clic on the picture for photos of the Tou Camp project !

may 26 – june 26 2011

Tou Camp is created as a part of the project Tou vision.

The project Tou Vision includes the building of artists spaces in a building bought by the Stavanger municipality for this purpose. Tou Camp is an actionist multi-cultural event, organized in order to move the opinion of the Stavanger municipality’s politicians to invest in the contemporary arts and specially to continue to restore  the art factory Tou Scene.

Tou scene had it’s 10 years jubileum june 22 !

More about TOU CAMP in norwegian

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